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If you are sick, stay home.

June 10, 2015

My place of work,, has a good rule. If you are sick, then respect your fellow workmates. Stay home. Get better for yourself and don’t risk potentially passing on your sickness to your colleagues.

If only the passenger whom boarded my last leg of my 25 hours plane ride had done the same…

The family of 4 made a fuss from the start, trying to move their seating arrangement. I couldn’t understand what they were saying due to a language barrier, but I was irked by their disposition none the less.

After they were moved, we had the safety video shown and we were all set to go…

Then a steward walked at “brisk” pace down the isle. Past the other x2 seated stewards awaiting to make our runway journey. More delays. Then over the speaker we get the captain letting us know that due to a sick passenger, we had to wait for medical attention. The medical staff came on impressively quick. But then we had to go through the whole committee thing of “should I stay or should I go now”.

Did this passenger understand that they were holding up an airline? With strict timetables? With passengers with connecting flights & transfers? I have to say, as this was the last leg of my journey, I was more than a little quick to temper.


Finally they were walked off the plane. Then shit got real. Due to aviation laws, we were also required to remove their baggage from the plane. Which of course meant UNLOADING ALL THE BAGGAGE from the plane to search through…

A best case scenario guesstimate from the captain came over the PA at half an hour. But was followed up closely with a “be prepared for an hour”. To make matters worse, because of the initial seat change whilst on the plane, the stewards had moved their carry on luggage all over the place in overhead lockers. A full check of all overhead luggage had to be done too!

So a full x2 hours later, we take off.

The optimist in me says I got off lightly. Had we have to turn around mid air, then I’d have some really ripped undies. Lucky for me I had no connecting flight or train!

The Lesson: if you’re feeling un-well. Please please stay home. And off international flights!