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29 Days in Murica No.1

August 19, 2016

Having recently spent 29 days in the good ol U S of A, I wanted to share just some of that experience with you. How better than to list 29 sights, sounds, emotions invoked and/or “things discovered” along the journey. *God knows I wanted and had every expectation to be writing these posts in transit. But to be perfectly honest, I’m actually glad I just let the road get in the way. To disconnect for a brief period of time and immerse myself in the vagrancy. So let us begin.


HOLY SHIT does the USA know how to make a damn good pickle! That juicy bitter sharp sweet flavour that would always leave my eyes watering and an irresistible urge to just eat some more. Back in NZ we generally get wee little gherkins. As a nation we must end this hardship. We have too long been deprived and no longer can we endure this suffering!


But of course ‘Murica being what it is, they had to go next level on the pickle thing….welcome to FRICKLES! A.K.A Deep Fried Pickles! Just take look at this face if you want to know how good they are!

*Figurative speech only.