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Agnes shock horrors

June 19, 2015

250kms from home, the battery light flashed red on my dash. After locating the blown fuse, we “happened upon” a spare 30amp fuse in our luggage. On restart, we were charging again….until 400mtrs down the road. Out of fuses, we unplugged the main headlamp and decided to see how far we could get on the battery alone. Surprisingly not that far…

After making the “AA” call, we had to wait a couple hours. One to have the “technician” come out so we could tell him to call the tow truck, then another for the tow truck to arrive. We figured it to be the voltage regulator, not something you can just “fix” being an MV Agusta part. Then came trying to understand the tow truck driver. It turns out he couldn’t take me home, just to the nearest workshop….more adventures!