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Denmark Best Western

June 14, 2015

750km down today. Feeling remarkably better off than I was expecting and there is a couple reasons why.

  1. Autobahn kilometres are easy kilometres. You can soon clock them up.

  2. Both the Ducati and the Agusta are built for speed. They likey likey open speed limits!

Without speed restrictions, everything on this bike makes sense.

Without speed restrictions my race suit makes sense.

At 150kmph, there’s enough air flow to get the bikes temperature down to a respectable level.

At 200kmph you could fall asleep on the bike, it’s that comfortable. At 230kmph you get awoken again because “Agnes” is just warming up and wants to let you know by “coming on strong”.

At 250kmph my helmet is firmly against my forehead and all the aerodynamics start to show their characteristics. It can be a “bit unsettling”.

I still have another 50kmph to go before we reach the limits. That’s going to be a whole other adventure. Stay tuned.