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Track Notes 2 Always Learning

November 3, 2015

There’s something about being on a bike that endears me. Sure there’s the thrill of the front wheel popping up, being thrown back in the seat, and the sound of your tyres clinging on by a knife edge. But it’s the mastery that really grabs me. That balance of pushing yourself and your machine to your “perceived” limit.

There’s a couple of things that I’ve learnt in “my time” thus far.

  1. The road ALWAYS wins.

  2. You are NOT indestructible.

  3. There will ALMOST ALWAYS be someone faster.

I love point 3. I love cranking around a piece of road, knee down and on song, just to be completely humbled by another rider. Case in point the enclosed clip. When this happens, take it on the chin & LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! I’m especially ok with this guy, he’s my bestie. While I was fumbling around on the F4 Agusta, he decides to lap me on the Duke. And it was a pleasure.

Hopefully he will be out this NZ summer. I can see a rental on the horizon, a Coromandel fly over and my KTM 690 doing some of the teaching =]