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Speaking of a little more speed

December 4, 2015

Being new to the bike, it’s always a good idea to bed yourself in. Find out traits and characteristics that could save your ass on the road. The best place to do that is on the track. Period.

Though a little daunting at first, once you get over your pre track nerves and put down a couple warm up laps, you begin to appreciate how much of a controlled and safe environment the track is. Not to mention back at the pits you have a raft of experience and knowledge from a whole range of rider levels.

Being a track rookie myself, I can say the Hampton Down regulars were top notch. I also give a special shout out to the women riders! Good to see everyone out rubbing elbows!

Below is some footage I took from the day. I went out in the novice section being new to the track and of course the bike. Only enforced rules were to give 2 metre widths on passing and the warm down lap is a warm down lap! Looked at my times at day end. For my next session there, I’ll be moving to the intermediates.