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What JSON?

December 31, 2016

If you’re one to consume JSON api’s (who isn’t really?), then it’s likely you’ve bumped into the issue of figuring out whether the resource you just called is returning a single JSON object or an array payload. As per the JSON API Spec,

The document’s “primary data” is a representation of the resource
or collection of resources targeted by a request.

Primary data MUST be either:

a single resource object, a single resource identifier object, or null, for requests that target single resources

an array of resource objects, an array of resource identifier objects, or an empty array ([]), for requests that target resource collections

To help out all the Gophers out there, I created a simple little helper package to figure it out for you.

Checkout the code here

It’s pretty simple really, so instead of having a dependency to my repo, just copy paste into your project instead.


Just call WhatJSON() with a body of type []byte and an optional prefix. The code will check the very next char after the prefix has been matched to determine whether the body is a object or an array. Go check out the code already!

Short n sweet, enjoy =]