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MyDigest - A learned journey

August 1, 2017

Luckily and happily, I’m always in an ongoing pursuit to level up my knowledge. For me personally, I’ve found the best way I learn is not by reading, but by building instead. With that, I present to you my latest online application:

Starting simple and small, MyDigests' current purpose is to deliver a daily sales digest to retailers using the Vend POS Retail platform. We have much larger future goals, but we plan to grow with the feedback of our users into different data sources and broadcasting mediums. So far it’s been an interesting journey. Without a doubt, I’m an engineer not a product manager!

Although the techs enclosed aren’t necessarily bleeding edge in all circumstances, good tech does not stay static long! And more importantly, why be good with a technology when you can have a mastery instead?

By no means a definitive list (it will most likely grow) please stay tuned as I share my learnings on:

  • Why Golang?
  • An Application Structure
  • Mongo Much?
  • Schedules and Queues
  • API JSON Spec
  • Frontend Folly
  • Templating
  • Google Cloud vs Amazon
  • Kubernetes

Hopefully my learnings can be used as a guide, and if nothing else, I hope you’re inspired to build something for yourself too! Have a specific request or question? Please reach out and I will gladly oblige where able.