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The Wedding of Kyle & Adriana

Come join us & celebrate (online) our special day!

As you are all aware, travel is nigh on impossible with the current pandemic. Especially for NZ nationals and the MIQ lottery allotment system. Currently, MIQ is completely booked out for the remainder of the year, making return travel to NZ impossible. This means that no NZ friends or family will be able to attend our wedding “in the flesh”.

And for that, we are sorry…

But that doesn’t mean that you can can’t still be apart of our wedding day celebrations. As we are currently based in Mexico, our written wedding invitation locally is Spanish/EspaƱol. For the English speakers, I have created a translated copy so that you can view the venue, wedding party and the happy couple:

**Remember, this is only a translated copy to the original Mexican invitation, you will not be able to view photos from the day using this link. It only serves as a translation for reference.

But wait what? Aren’t you already married??!!

And yes, this is true.

For those that follow us on social media, we did reveal pics from our civil union, although, not in our true wedding attire! For us, it just made much more sense to sort all the legal requirements here in the State of Mexico City. Especially with the new Visa requirements moving forward. So we held a small ceremony with only direct members of Adriana’s family to witness.

This invitation you read before you, is for the full ceremony for all family and friends which is taking place 23rd October, in Acapulco (State of Guerrero), Mexico.

Ok that’s cool, so how can we part of your wedding ceremony?

At anytime, you can view photo “moments” from the ceremony throughout the day, and the ongoing celebrations throughout the evening via this link:

Photo moments will be broken into x2 sections. One section displaying images used in the making of the wedding invitation. That of the wedding party, the venue and wedding couple. The second section will contain photo “moments” of the event itself.

Please note that the 2nd section will be updated continually throughout the day as family and friends in physical attendance upload photo “moments” directly from their mobile phones. So be sure to come back and refresh for new images as the celebrations continue.

Can I upload photo moments from my phone too?

The good news is, yes you can! If of course you feel so inclined. To do so, start by downloading the the WithJoy app from the following links:

For iPhone Users

For Android Users

After the app is installed and opened on your phone, you will be prompted to “Find Event”. For the Event Handle, use the handle of


Note that it is the the same value used in the invitation link

If at anytime you are asked to enter a password to join/access the event, please use the password of


Will there be video, can you stream the event live?

From initial tests, the signal strength at the venue regrettably is not strong enough to stream the occasion. However, we will have video footage of the day, from both the photographers still cameras, along with drone footage from above the venue. We will also have a short video available just days after to share with you all. Alongside an online album with the photographers stills taken for you all to view. We will send additional links after the event so we can all share in the happiness =]

We miss you though, are you ever coming back?

That’s the plan!

The current timeline for the family of Adriana, Ollie & Kyle is to return to NZ (MIQ permitting) late 2022. Clearly it was never our intent not to have family & friends here in person to celebrate this day. But this is the current global climate, so we can only do what we can.

We will of course be organising an additional celebration of our union on our return. So please hold off on all your registry gift requests and donations, we will have more than enough time to celebrate when back in NZ!

Much Love - Adriana, Ollie & Kyle