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Feed Army

Feed Army

May 1, 2021

#UPDATE: 9 May — we are having issues connecting with Instagram at this stage in the production environment. My apologies as I deal with Facebook to rectify error. Connect up with Twitter as they know what they are doing…

Having been originally frustrated with Instagrams' user experience and your common web browser, I researched what available browser based extensions or services were available to aggregate my own personal social media feeds. To my surprise, I actually found very little in the way of what I wanted. Sure there are electron apps like Rambox that bind all apps in one place, but I wanted something passive where I could easily view all my personal feeds.

Having not found something that suited my particular needs, and being house bound while the “Rona” pandemic continued(s) its worldwide rage, I decided to roll up my sleeves and create something of my own. To that end, may I proudly introduce to you (in beta form) A browser based unified dashboard for all your social media and online feeds.

For the most part, has been an absolute joy to create. Starting afresh from a clean slate, doing things the “right” way from the get Go and introducing myself to new techs and patterns.

Stayed tuned as I release a new series of articles based on learnings from building thus far. I will be delving into the techs used, tips, tricks and gotchas along with my current build and deployment process. These articles will also be accompanied by visual aids via YouTube. Expect more in regards to

  • Building a Frontend app with Svelte
  • Styling mobile first with Tailwind
  • Setting up mono repo services with Go
  • Docker, CI, Build and Deploy from Gitlab
  • More to follow come…

Finally! If you haven’t already, please view my introduction video and please help with requests if you can. Otherwise, head over to, register with any valid email using passwordless auth, and connect to the available feed source providers.

All feedback, requests and suggestions welcome!