Track Notes 1 Brake early…

Just because you can go as fast as you want on a track, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should! Though its a little hard to notice from this camera angle, the end of the straight finishes with a down hill. Just to make things interesting when you want to slow the f%#k down! Run off areas for the win!

Through the other side

So as much as I want to screen a video of the alpine roads that followed the Stelvio climb, I am actually “through” the other side of something completely different. A month free hiatus from sugar, coffee, alcohol and social media!

The first week was the worst “mostly”. Changing habits is hard. My normal coffee commute had to be replaced with a “new and improved” habit. Green tea for the win! And I found the easiest way to avoid alcohol was to remove myself from those kinds of situations. No end of work beersies for me…

So what have I learned/gained? Well it’s more about what I’ve lost in some ways - 5kgs and counting so far. With my fruit, vegetable and protein diet, I feel much more alert, the weight is coming off and supermarket shopping is so easy now. Just stick to the outside walls and you’re done!

Will I still drink alcohol and coffee? Yes of course. But only for meaningful events. No more latte’s in takeaway cups or an afternoon beverage in the sun. If going out with my girl or to meet up with friends, then sure a coffee or a beer is fine. In moderation of course.

So do I recommend trying this yourself? OMG YES!!! It’s great to get another perspective, a clean well functioning body and a heap more loose change in your pocket.

And since we figure there is no point stopping a good thing, @jadeshearstone and I have decided to make October a month of fitness. Nothing but burpees, situps, pushups and squats. Perhaps I should take before & after photos!

And for those who got to the end, here’s me on the side of an alp somewhere in Austria. I promise you’ll see Nürburgring track footage soon.

The Stelvio Run

After crossing through an Italian border, cruising through beautiful alpine roads and taking in the scenery, there was just one more mountain face to conquer. How happy am I another 48 hairpin turns later!
Crazy crazy piece of road! And an epic hot summer day to be riding this pass. I was giggling in my helmet all the way up, and I thanked it all the way down? I have plenty more footage so here are some of the highlights. How many corners do I have to turn…
As much as I adored the large packs of motorcycles and Ferraris climbing to the top, it was the cyclists and their raw leg power that impressed me most. Hat tip.

The best still yet to come!

Making my way from Austria towards the Stelvio Pass. Plenty of alpine roads and such a glorious day to enjoy them! I could have quite happily done a u-turn and re-discovered all over again!

Super glad it’s not winter, check out the poles used to mark the roads.

End of the day

End of the day. All my money troubles behind me and some long miles complete. Swim time and a good sleep ready for Stelvio tomorrow!

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